CCHQ St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Cannabis Culture is celebrating its’ first year anniversary with its’ revamped window displays. Honestly, I cannot believe it has already been a year!

So big shout-out and THANK YOU to Cannabis Culture Headquarters, you guys are awesome!

Our inspiration for this month’s window was St. Patrick’s Day, and the saying that there is a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow.

We then applied a little twist to this!
2013-02-17 19.27.13

2013-02-17 19.28.32

2013-02-17 19.27.29

2013-02-17 19.27.40

2013-02-17 19.28.11

2013-02-17 19.30.10

2013-02-17 19.29.27

2013-02-17 19.29.05

2013-02-17 19.28.54


Fantasy Factory Holiday Window

A true challenge to a designer is creating something practical, gripping, while keeping within the budget and deadline. Adding to this challenge with an extreme deadline, and a budget that is as low as humanly possible.

These were my criteria for Fantasy Factory on Davie Street. I felt like I was on a race against the clock, and gave it a good run for its’ money! ¬†What is also very unique about this is their window actually moves on a regular basis, and has this incredible neon using a significant chunk of the window space.

Such a very unique challenge, and all in good fun. I appreciate being kept constantly on my toes where almost everything I do is a small experiment, and must never be afraid to fail.

My holiday hope this year is that I will be doing many more windows for the good folks at Fantasy Factory. Stay tuned to find out!

Happy holidays!

2012-12-10 18.56.09

2012-12-10 18.56.28

2012-12-10 18.56.18

2012-12-10 18.56.46

2012-12-10 18.56.56

St. Patrick’s Day Window Display

First off, I would very much like to thank Cannabis Culture Head Quarters for allowing the opportunity to do their window display. Since St. Patty’s Day is typically celebrated by adults, I thought CCHQ could utilize all of their green products that they sell. Then I thought to myself, “What about the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow?” I did some research on leprechauns, and found a few interesting things. They enjoy partaking in mischief, spend all their time making shoes, and store all of their gold under the rainbow. Perfect!

So I decided to use the socks in the window to represent the shoes he would have been making, and gold jewelry and “Free Marc Emery” Buttons to represent the gold coins. These are all sold at CCHQ, so go check it out!