About Me

Terra Incognita
An explorer by heart, I have always been intrigued by the ways people live. Their beliefs, cultures, styles, and nature help me to explore the creative edges of my imagination. I look back on my frequent family trips all over the United States and Europe and easily see how and why I got to be here, in beautiful British Columbia, and now, taking my steps to becoming an interior designer.
For those of you who don’t know me yet personally, I am originally from Virginia. Upon completing high school, I knew I needed to see more than my small town, then my small state. Suddenly I found myself on Canada’s western coast. In the exact place I needed to be, studying interior design in Vancouver. Modern, conscious, and fun, it’s an interior designers inspiration playground. I draw great energy from the art, architecture, and awesome feats of nature here. All of which I look forward to sharing with you on my blog.
I love exploring nature. Forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, and the creatures that inhabit them. Had I lived in the early 1800’s with Virginia-born Lewis and Clark, I am positive I would have joined the expedition. Now in 2012, I believe the only frontier left to explore is in our minds, our imaginations and ingenuity. Alas, we are all still drawing our own maps.
This being said, I encourage you to contact me with any interior design questions, thoughts, concerns or aspirations. I will honestly help you to the absolute best of my abilities.
Thank you.

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