Aunt Leah’s Urban Thrift Spring Display

I am proud to announce my newest partnership with Aunt Leah’s Urban Thrift. A friend shared with me how they profoundly helped him, after hearing this, I was moved to help put my skills to good use to help them as well.

2013-02-13 14.57.48

They do amazing things for the people who need it most. They provide life skills training, housing, job training, and quality of life opportunities for foster children, young single moms with new babies, and help them make the transformation to independence and adulthood.  Just to name a few.

You can learn more about their work here at They run a small thrift shop, though its’ size is deceiving, it has been packed full of quality, handpicked items, and at amazing prices.

I highly recommend you stop in, they are warm, welcoming, and charming. What’s not to love?

We took our inspiration from the sun, newly sprouting trees, and flowers, and decided to represent spring!

And how much did it cost? $0! I just want to let all my readers know, that window displays do not have to cost thousands of dollars to be effective. Just some love and attention can go a long way!

2013-02-13 14.56.33

2013-02-13 14.57.27

2013-02-13 14.55.36

2013-02-13 14.57.03

2013-02-13 14.55.59


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