Back to School

For all of my readers who have gone back to school this week, I am afraid to say that I had way more fun than you. Not to rub it in your face or anything, but with CCHQ’s new fall theme of “back to school” I was determined to take their giant window, and turn it into a tiny stoner dorm room.

It sure looks messy, but that’s totally what I was going for, there are even some hemp underwear, boxers, and socks on the floor.

Whether your back to student, or a relieved parent who has some extra “me” time, I wish you the best of luck with all of your homework and tests that may come this school year.

2012-09-05 17.09.54

2012-09-05 17.10.53

2012-09-05 17.10.22

2012-09-05 17.11.25

2012-09-05 17.11.08

2012-09-05 17.11.16


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